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- Independent from Acquirers

Reepay is an easy all-in-one solution with a powerful subscription platform, payment gateway and acquiring service.

We support payments & subscriptions with ambitions, by providing a seamless payment experience for you and your customers.

No Credit Card Needed

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Payments & Subscriptions with Ambitions

Simple pricing for any size

Whether you are a startup or a larger enterprise, we support your ambitions with straightforward pricing.
All prices are exclusive VAT.


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For the start-up company that just wants to try out ideas at limited fixed costs.


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For the company with existing traffic, where transaction cost has to be competitive.


The Reepay Business Package

Many payments or special needs?
Let's Talk!


Accept payments online from everyone and anywhere

Our payment gateway can easily be integrated with your website and helps your customers pay with their preferred payment method. No matter the size of your business or e-commerce, we give you a secure and trustworthy payment solution that’s easy to configure.

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Ready to automate & scale across countries

Plugins for payment gateway integration

Reepay official plugins empowers your business and connects it with integrations to most used ecommerce platforms, allowing you to sell your goods on your online store right away. Just head to our Plugins section to install your favorite plugin or take a look at our guides on how to integrate it on your shop.

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A powerful built-in subscription platform

With the Reepay Subscription Platform, you can charge by subscription and manage all your subscribers in one platform. With easy signups, email automation, and text messaging for communication, you can focus on your business and revenue. If you are a subscription based company, our subscription platform is a must.

Aceept International Cards graphics

Accept international cards with our acquiring service

With an online payment gateway, you need an additional Acquiring service to accept credit card payments. It allows you to accept credit card data like VISA and Master Cards. Reepays Acquiring service gives you the ability to receive all credit cards and accept all currency in a simple solution.

Reepay Partners

Sign up for a partnership with Reepay, and get a number of payment gateway partner benefits. Among other functions, you get access to our partner administration, which gives you a good overview of your customers

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Try out the payment dashboard

Our demo allows you to try a complete setup for managing your payment gateway before you start to integrate it into your e-commerce.

Unlimited Trial Period

Easy And Fast Setup

No Credit Card Needed