10 payment methods you need, if you want to have a global e-commerce

The most common payment method is VISA and MasterCard. But if you consider going for a global e-commerce business, we would recommend an extended list of payment, as there are many different cards and methods around the world.

In this post, we will list the ten most common payment methods, you should consider.


Top 10 payment methods

VISA and MasterCard

The Credit card or debit card solution from VISA and MasterCard is the card that most customers hold. The two cards are representing the biggest brands in the payment business and are used at almost all markets. There are still few markets, that is not accepting the cards, and therefore, we recommend more possibilities for payment, when you want to go global.


The MasterCard offers the Maestro debit card. The card is not as popular as the MasterCard or VISA, but in some market like Brasil, Australia, and other European markets like Germany, this is the primary card for payment.


This alternative, PayPal, is owned by eBay and is a well-known world brand. In Germany and the States, it is considered as the primary payment method used especially for webshops, auctions and other e-commerce.

“The most people, that we talk to know PayPal and has a hate-love relationship to the method. We would recommend, for any business, to use the payment method, as many choose to pay the first check out with PayPal when they are purchasing from a new website. We see this as a reflection on the missing trust to fill out forms with the card information.”

American Express

This card, American Express or just Amex, is the most used card in the Stats. Amex is offering a higher payment limit than other card providers which makes it hugely successful in North America. By accepting the credit card, you could experience purchases with higher transactions.

China UnionPay

If you want to have customers in China, this card is a must. As the largest and most used card, measured in the number of cardholders, it is also the most common card on the Chinese market. The card is represented in over 170 countries and also known as CUP or UPI.


JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) is accepted in over 190 countries and is held by more than 80 million card users. The market for this card is Korea, China, Singapore, Luxembourg, USA – and especially Japan. You must choose this method if supplying the Japanese market.

Bank transfer

If you chose to accept bank transfer, you will have the money within a short time but not combined with an order. On the market, there are two solutions. On in the Nederlands, iDeal, and on in Germany, GiroPay. Both solutions combine the purchase number to the amount transferred through the bank in a structured way.

“I would recommend implementing the local solutions like iDeal or GiroPay for keeping the simplicity of structure and transferring if you consider the bank transfer method. If you don’t want to handle several solutions, you could always inform your customers of your bank account.”



Diners Club is also a well-known brand. It’s mainly known in Germany, England, and North America. The card is connected to the travel and entertainment business as a norm, and it’s the reason, why we recommend the credit card for business in the industry as well as the American market. Discover Financial Services own the Diners Club.

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Sofort banking

“In my opinion, it is an interesting payment method, and it’s essential if you’re on the European market.”

The Sofort-banking is used in countries like Germany, Belgium, Schweiz, and The Nederlands. The payment methods give the opportunity for the customer to buy or donate without creating an account on your service. Instead, the customers are using their bank login to transfer money.

Wallet, MobilPay and Mobile payment

Payment with smartphones is the newest and latest payment methods in Denmark. The solution is building on the technology and methods that give you instant access to the purchased goods by payment “Pass-through payment.”

“Everybody is talking about mobile payment. In my point of view, the solutions are almost identical. Roughly said, there are two cases. One, where the card information is saved for use and one, for saved bank account information.”

Payment with Reepay solution

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