The All-You-Can-Eat Library Model

Subscription Models – The All-You-Can-Eat Library Model

As one of the earlier voiced subscription models, the All-You-Can-Eat Library Model is also supported by Reepays fixed-price billing model, that includes a fixed price per plan. Using this model you supply a “buffet” of content to your customers.  
Examples of businesses using the All-You-Can-Eat Library Model:
Subscription businesses providing streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify, are typical users of this subscription model; A subscription where you pay an amount of money per month and get everything the subscription service has to offer. There can be different subscription plans build in this model, but your customers will have access to all of it – whether you sell music, movies, books, video-games or how-to courses.  
Who should use this kind of subscription model?
This kind of subscription model would be interesting for subscription businesses, that
  • Have a lot of different content within the same product-category (music, books, movies…)
  • Have a lot of existing ‘fans’, who already use your free content. If they are pleased with your service/product, they will, most likely, agree to pay for a subscription. This is the case with Spotify and HBO, where consumers continue as paying subscribers. As long as the product is interesting for them.
  • This is an optimal subscription model to use within digital industries – even small businesses can profit from using this model.
What to ‘keep in mind’ when using this subscription model…
The crucial part of satisfying your customers using this model is to update your content, hence you should NOT provide ‘outdated’ content. Your subscribers rely on you to update your database. You should do everything you can to withhold your loyal customers. It may become vital for you to give your customers an ultimatum: subscribe to the whole library or lose access – to make sure they stick around.