Create Terms & Conditions policy for your ecommerce


What are Terms & Conditions?

Terms and conditions is a page or section on a website which sets out the rights and responsibilities of anyone using the site. It effectively forms a contract between the site and the user.
Why do you need it?

Why you need Terms & Conditions?

Create a legally binding contract between you and your users by showing terms and conditions on your site.You must include the necessary sections and information regarding the collection of usage of their data and so on.

What should Ecommerce Terms & Conditions include?

Contact Information

Contact information: CVR / organization number, address, telephone number, e-mail. Name and organization number also has to be stated in the terms.


Products: A wide range of products with price incl. VAT and description – B2B can have prices without VAT, but then it is mandatory to enter the organization number.

Currency Code: Indicated with: DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF – not “kr.”
Delivery time: When can the customer expect to receive the products? Shipping costs?
Card logos: Visa og MasterCard card logos must be visible – and in the terms it should be stated that payments can be made with Visa and MasterCard. See here.
Payment Terms
Payment terms: When will the amount be charged? You can write that the amount will be charged when the products are shipped.
Cancellation of order
Cancellation: 14 days – the customer must pay for the shipping cost for returning the products. No cancellation right for food or tickets but must be stated.
Warranty: 24 months – the customer has to make the complaint within reasonable time – and that is within 2 months after the defects has been discovered.
gift cards
Gift cards: Are you selling gift cards, it should be stated in the terms for how long they are valid.
Privacy Policy: A description of how the personal data is stored and a confirmation that the information is not sold or past on to third party without accept.
Cardholder information: The cardholder should be asked to enter information about the name, address, telephone number when they place an order.
Check box: A check box is mandatory for the customer to actively agree to the terms and conditions. The customer must accept the terms and conditions and recurrent payment terms (if any) before they complete an order.

Login credentials: We have to go through the site / test site and be able to make a test order and see the check-out. Please provide us with login / password if any.

Domain: The company should be registered as owner of the domain. We will verify the ownership with information from

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