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(formerly Webbureauet Kim Raufort)

About Silicon Valby

Silicon Valby provides websites, webshops, search engine optimization and online advertising primarily for small businesses.

We offer 20 years of experience with Web development combined with business understanding and flair for sales.

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Cooperation with Reepay​

“Reepay stands out from the market by being innovative, sharp on split payments, and making it easy and simple for the customer to create and manage a payment solution.

I can also confirm that Reepay’s support is at top level that’s significantly higher than compared to the rest of the industry.”

Kim Raufort, Owner of Silicon Valby

Do you want to become
a Reepay's partner?

We provide you with knowledge from the payment business.
Your customers can rely on our support, so that the integration
of the payment solution becomes extremely easy.
Then you can make earnings on the alliance.