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What you need to know about E-invoicing in Europe

Keep your company busy for a long time with e-invoicing

The EU directive on e-invoicing has set the market in motion in recent years. While in most European countries, e-invoices are only mandatory in B2G – Business to Government; lately the numbers of cases in which legislation is being extended to include B2B and B2C are increasing. Since electronic invoicing is primarily intended to close the national VAT gaps, progress can also be observed in the implementation of continuous transaction controls. Comprehensive e-invoicing might also be followed in the future by the electronic ordering process. 

With this background, many forward-thinking companies don’t stop at meeting legal requirements, but also use the introduction of e-invoicing to modernize their entire invoice lifecycle. And in this light, switching to subscription models is becoming increasingly important.

Combine the advantages of e-invoicing and subscription models

Strategic access to e-invoicing in combination with subscription services can achieve valuable synergy effects. The automation of the invoice process between “sender” and “recipient” substantially reduces the amount of work while increasing the throughput of invoices with an almost zero error rate. This leads to faster payment and greater satisfaction among customers, partners and employees.

On the other hand, subscription models are an expression of a modern customer experience and can be combined with big business advantages such as better sales planning and a robust cash flow. You can automate the billing process with e-billing, and there will most likely be additional design possibilities in the future.

Free e-invoicing guide for your subscription business

Are you interested in using e-invoicing as a stepping stone for your subscription business? In this free guide from our sister company billwerk, you will find important checklists, best practices and practical tips for you and your company. 

Free e-invoicing guide for your subscription business

Are you interested in using
e-invoicing as a stepping stone for your subscription business?
In this free guide from our sister company billwerkyou will find important checklists, best practices and practical tips for you and your company. 

Country comparison for e-invoicing

E-invoicing standardization in Europe has made great progress with the wide acceptance of the PEPPOL network. Above all, a technical infrastructure was made available that democratizes e-invoicing for all market participants. Still, the regulatory and technical environment remains highly fragmented. Accounting regulations, data protection regulations and technical exchange protocols are still regulated differently everywhere, despite the EU’s harmonization efforts. Multilingualism also complicates electronic payment processes in day-to-day business.

In this free e-invoicing guide, we have summarized the legal provisions for selected European countries for you. Some of these are as follows:


One of the firsts countries since 2020 to democratize e-invoicing and making it mandatory in both B2G and B2B. For B2G invoices, the supplier has to send it via a platform called Chorus Pro, and for B2B companies the selected format to send e-invoices is through Factur-X. 


Here the federal states are responsible for the implementation of the E-Invoicing Act. In Germany you are largely free to choose standards and platforms, even if an interface with PEPPOL is mandatory. (Tip: You can obtain detailed information on this from the Electronic Invoice Association ).


Italy is among the first European countries to make e-invoicing mandatory in both B2G and B2B. Here all e-invoices are processed via the central FatturaPA platform .


Poland surprises with its rapid progress in the nationwide digitalisation of invoice transactions. The introduction of B2B e-invoicing has been postponed to 2023. However, the system for continuous transaction controls is already in the test phase at the same time.


The platform solution for your payment lifecycle

Before you familiarize yourself with the regularly changing country-specific e-invoices, we advise you to automate these process steps with e-invoicing providers. If you want to get the most out of a legal obligation, then it is best to evaluate holistic solutions for your payment management right away.

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