Markus Brunke joins Reepay

We are delighted to welcome Markus Brunke to the Reepay team. “Reepay and Markus is a perfect match. He has the right attitude and with his intuitiveness and experience, he will be a key person to help Reepay succeed as becoming one of the top-of-mind payment service providers in Denmark.” said Robert Mygind, CEO. Markus has worked as Account Manager at DIBS Payment Services and has worked with sales, e-commerce and marketing for the last 5 years. Markus has started several businesses that has given him an entrepreneurial spirit which Reepay is based on. Markus will work with Reepay as Account Manager with the main focus on developing the Reepay customer base. In addition, he will focus on partner agreements, including plugins, as well as contribute to the commercial part of Reepay’s website and platform. You can get hold of Markus at or +45 5378 3838.