Denmark’s largest health and beauty retailer launch flexible subscription service using Reepay

We are happy and proud to welcome Matas to our platform. Reepay is now handling all online payments for, one of the biggest online health and beauty shops in Denmark.

Besides handling online payments with payment cards and MobilePay, Reepay is collaborating with Matas on a new subscription service, which gives the consumer 20% off, free delivery and the possibility to customize the range of products delivered and refilled after a certain period. In the first phase, it is possible to subscribe to health and wellness products, but later this year beauty, skincare, and products for men will be available.

Mikael Christian Carlsen, Sales Director at Reepay says:

“It is outstanding to work with Matas. They have a very professional approach and have been measuring our platform throughout the whole process, which has created the best foundation for both parties in this cooperation. Matas made a good call when they decided to make a scalable solution, that can be customized to the individual customers need. Research shows that 7 out of 10 consumers has a demand for subscription services, that can make their everyday life easier.”

Trending subscription model

The business model about subscribing to a physical product started in Denmark a couple of years ago with companies like Barbérklingen and Goodiebox. The model is now adopted by Matas, that gives the consumer the opportunity to subscribe to the same products that you can buy in a Matas store. In Denmark 4 out 5 of women are already member of Club Matas. This makes it one of the largest loyalty clubs in Denmark.

Amazon has done something alike in the US and calls it Subscribe&Save. In Amazon’s S&S, you can subscribe to a large variety of convenience products, e.g. household, baby, beauty, and pet supplies.

McKinsey predicts that the subscription trend within e-commerce is here to stay. The subscription-based e-commerce market has increased with more than 100% per year over the last five years, a survey from McKinsey about e-commerce consumers states.

You can read more about a selection of different subscription models here.

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