Apple Pay

We now support one of the best payment methods for fast checkout and better conversion. See the payment process below.

One Tap Checkout

The payment process is a single tap with your finger, where Touch ID provides biometric verification.

You can configure a specific payment window in Reepay, avoiding the first step of choosing Apple Pay – making the payment process even easier!

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Simplified payment process

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to pay online and in person. 

With our new integration for Apple Pay, you can increase your conversion by offering the extremely simplified payment experience, that Apple Pay provides.

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No additional cost

We do not charge you any additional cost for the use of Apple Pay. You only pay for your existing payment gateway and acquiring fees.

Activate Apple Pay today by logging in to your Reepay Dashboard and follow this guide. 

Choose the right pricing plan


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139 kr / mo

+ 0,25 kr / payment

Including 250 FREE transactions per month!


The Reepay Business Package

Many payments or special needs?

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