We now support one of the best payment methods for fast checkout and better conversion. See the payment process below.

Fast and simple checkout

The payment process with GooglePay™ is extremely simple. Your customers are only one click away from all of their saved payment cards and they can easily choose their preferred card.

You can configure a specific payment window in Reepay, avoiding the first step of choosing GooglePay™
– making the payment process even more simple!

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Simplified payment process

GooglePay™ is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Google that allows users to pay online and in person. 

With our new integration for GooglePay™, you can increase your conversion by offering the extremely simplified payment experience, that GooglePay™ provides.

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No additional cost

We do not charge you any additional cost for the use of GooglePay™. You only pay your existing payment gateway and acquiring fees.

Activate GooglePay™ today by logging in to your Reepay Dashboard and follow this guide.

Once you enable GooglePay™ in the dashboard Reepay will automatically communicate to Google which credit cards are accepted.

Looking for the right payment solution?

Our experts are ready to guide you in the choice of a payment gateway. Give us a call right now!