Reepay who

Reepay was formed by online payment geeks, with a background in the Scandinavian online payment industry.

We founded Reepay, trying to address the great demand we saw in the market for a supplier that provides large and small businesses alike, with an effective and loyalty boosting subscription business “out of the box”.

We want to eliminate the need for developing a custom online subscription solution, with a focus on optimizing retention. Based on our experience, we have seen we are able to improve revenue by double digit percentages compared to own implemented solution.

And very important, we do it with a sharp focus on complying with EU regulations and with extensive insight into the different online payment preferences there are in Europe.

In short; Reepay will seek to provide European best practice in online subscription business accessible to all merchants regardless of size. We believe that many companies will choose a service like ours, instead of building, supporting and securing an online payment subscription platform themselves. The ongoing costs of meeting changes in credit card company policies and payment gateway APIs are huge.