Subscription Management

With Reepays subscription management we make sure that you get the best opportunities to manage your subscribers. With an easy sign up, automated communication, customer self service and the possibility to engage your subscribers, you have the foundation for development within your subscription business.

Easy Signup

With Reepays hosted payment pages, it becomes easy as ever to sign up new subscribers. You can start subscribing users, implement campaigns and accept payments right away, with minimal effort. The hosted payment pages are easy to use and a customized look can be configured according to your needs.


Automated Communication

Reepay ensures an automated communication process with system-generated e-mails sent on behalf of your business in case of changes or other relevant information regarding the customer's subscription. This ensures fast transmission of information which will result in satisfied customers and a strengthened customer relationship.


Engage your customers

Reepay makes it easy for you to handle various different promotional offers to help you engage your customers.


Customer Self Service

Your customers have the opportunity to manage their own subscription - which is convenient for both you and your customers. Just like you use the Reepay administration to handle your customers, your subscribers can use Reepays self-service system to manage their subscription. With access to their own 'subscription home page', they can easily find information, change or update their subscription.

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Managing Your Subscriptions

An important part of subscription management is to be able to make changes in your customers subscriptions. Reepay helps you manage your subscriptions with features that will make everything easier for both you and your subscribers.

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