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Manage Subscriptions and Grow

An important part of subscription management is to be able to make changes and test your customers subscriptions. Reepay helps you manage, expand and grow your subscriptions with features that will make everything easier – for both you and your subscription customers.

Smart Subscription Features

Upgrade Downgrade Icon

Upgrade and Downgrade

When a customer up- or downgrades, Reepay will handle all customer communication, payment and correct billing of each individual customer.

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A credit can be assigned to a subscriber, who will be charged by the next payment draw – whether the credit is planned or should only be drawn once.

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Percent and Dollar Discounts

You can easily apply either percentage discounts or create attractive fixed dollar discounts off the price of a subscription.

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Parallel Price Adjustment

With parallel price adjustment, you get the opportunity to adjust prices differently from customer to customer and incorporate new prices exclusively for new subscribers.

On Hold Icon

On Hold

Provide flexibility for your customers by letting them set their subscription on hold. When they want to re-activate their subscription, it is easily done.

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Trial Periods

By supplying a free trial period, you can give your customers a taste of your product or service before they sign up as paying subscribers.

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Additional Costs

An additional cost can be drawn from the customer’s wallet either immediately or automatically added to the next planned payment draw.

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Your customers can cancel their subscription either by the end of the current period, when the notice/binding period allows it or with immediately effect including the opportunity to get compensation in form of a refund.

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Coupons are used as an effective tool to engage your existing customers and attract potential customers. You can individualize your coupons, which makes it possible for you to target any group of customers.


Use Intelligent Capture and Retention
Directly on the Subscription Billing Platform

Before Payment Day

We make a proactive test of the payment card to identify errors, and to notify the customer of these errors if they occur. This increases the chance of the transaction being accepted on the actual payment day.

If the Payment Is Declined

Should the transaction be declined, we’ll look at the error code and respond to it with a matching intelligent capture. We can recognize and individually evaluate over 200 different error codes.

The Dunning Process

If the error can’t be fixed, the dunning process will start. This is an automated process that handles failed payments, consisting of a number of reminders you can choose and adapt to your customers.

The Dunning Process

Dunning - Darko Kosic

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The Dunning Process

Dunning - Darko Kosic

Subscription Billing Models

Fixed recurring model

Fixed Recurring Model

For the subscription business that provides a product with a fixed price. The fixed recurring model usually charges on a recurring basis, typically at the beginning of the billing cycle. You simply have to enter the recurring price and billing cycle information. 

  • Constant Revenue
  • Low Cost of Entry
  • Predictability for your Customers
  • Price Certainty
One time charge model

One-Time Charge Model

The One-Time Charge Model works for subscription businesses that has one-time products or services as part of their subscription plans. E-commerce- and digital-download businesses will typically use this model. 

  • Makes it possible for your customers to try out products or services before they commit to a subscription
  • Allows the ability to test the demand of new products or services
Metered based model

Metered Based Model

The Metered Based Model is suitable if you have a subscription business that charges customers depending on the number of users. It is typically used by software selling services and provides the benefits:

  • Predictable Costs
  • Transparent Billing
Usage based model

Usage Based Model

For subscription businesses where subscribers only pay for what they use. It’s a model that’s highly adaptable to changes in the market, typically used by businesses such as financial- and insurance services, IT businesses and cloud-based services. 

  • Highly adaptable to market conditions
  • The price aligns to the value of the product
  • Less risk of churn

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