Get the right Acquiring agreement to your business for Visa and Mastercard payments


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Acquiring Fee

DK Debit card – 0,89% fee

DK Credit Card – 1,05% fee

DK Company Card – 1,69% fee


EU Debit card – 0,99% fee

EU Credit card – 1,15% fee

EU Company card – 2,45% fee



Starting from


Acquiring Fee

Besides our own payment gateway service, we have a lot of third party acquirer integrations. The acquirers give access to different payments methods and that why it is important to choose the right ones for where you plan to do business. For instance, Nets is the only acquirer who can offer you the Dankort, which you want to offer if you do business in Denmark. The majority give you access to Visa and Mastercard, and some acquirers can even handle payment methods such as JCB, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and UnionPay.

Note that specific industries may experience higher prices due to risk fees.


Debit cards that are issued in Denmark.

0,89% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 0,60)

Credit cards that are issued in Denmark.

1,05% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 0,60)

Company cards issued in Denmark.

1,69% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 0,60)

dansk flag EU

Debit cards that are issued in European Union.

0,99% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 1,85)

Credit cards that are issued in European Union.

1,15% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 1,85)

Company cards that are issued in European Union.

2,45% fee

1,25% fee (min.  DKK 1,85)

dansk flag Non EU

Cards that are issued outside European Union.

2,95% fee

2,75% fee (min. DKK 1,85)

dansk flag Service fees

Chargeback is initiated by the cardholder and it  reverses a money transfer from the consumer’s bank account, line of credit, or credit card. 


DKK 240

Compensation paid to a customer for over-invoicing or for returned goods. 


DKK 1,75

The minimum fee to pay for service per month.

 DKK 50


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How acquiring works

  • When your customers are shopping in your e-commerce, your payment gateway is handling their card data. 
  • The card data is then sent from your payment gateway to your acquirer.
  • The acquirer checks if the customer’s payment card is valid and if there is enough money on it for the purchase. If everything is OK, the acquirer tell your payment gateway that the money is authorized for transaction. 
  • Then you can tell your payment gateway to settle the transaction. Your payment gateway tells the acquirer that they can settle the money and charge your customer. 
  • The money will now be in the acquirers custody until you reach the agreed payout day, when the acquirer transfers the money to your bank account.

Your Customer

Your E-commerce

Payment Gateway

Acquiring Bank

Your Bank Account

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