Buy your Roskilde Festival ticket in installments!

This year you can go to Roskilde festival by paying in installments, by taking use of a brand new ticket type called ‘Smart ticket’. Guests going to Roskilde festival can buy their festival tickets in 6 partial payments, so-called installments, to be paid once a month from Januar to June. There are no extra or hidden fees and the customer can always change their mind and get a full refund for previously paid installments. The reason for offering this new ticket type was obvious, since a vast majority of the participants are students – and with a ticket price of DKK 2.125 (EUR 285), it can be a bit much to pay at once. Splitting up the payment into 6 installments of DKK 350 (EUR 47), makes the decision to purchase much easier. “All the ‘Smart tickets’ have been sold, proving there is a high demand for something like this. We can now welcome some guests at the festival, that might otherwise would have been unable to attend. With reepay we got this up and running in a matter of days”, said Mathias Bacher from Roskilde festival. At Reepay we are happy to support Roskilde festival with a platform that process their installments. The solution is based upon the Reepay subscription limitation feature and was quickly set up in cooporation with the web agency Ajukreizi. There is no need to involve a financial institution to offer this kind of installments. You are able to offer your customers the service of splitting their payment into installments. It is services like this that attracts loyal customers to your business. If you think your business can benefit from a similar solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us.