Children’s clothes on subscription –

We are happy to welcome as new Reepay partner. Boogiloo is a subscription based membership club witch give access to extraordinary offerings on children’s clothes, shoes and accessories. A concept similar to Amazon Prime or Winefamly. For 69 DKK ($11) per month you can shop on Boogiloo with discounts up towards 70% and other benefits. The clothing is this years clothings line from well know brands like, Billieblush, Papfar, Pom Pom and Små folk. Boogiloo is founded by Michael Handryciak, Sarah Louise Christiansen and Christian Kusk. Sarah Louise Christiansen run the well known Danish blog and she won Best Danish Family Blog in 2016. Christian Kusk founded the clothing e-commerce company Stylepit with great success and has now embarked on this new concept. “Children’s clothes is an expensive necessity for many families, our goal is to guarantee large savings for our members on known brands”. Says Michael Handryciak, co-founder at Boogiloo. For most families signing up for Boogiloo should be a no brainer. The average Danish family with 2 children spend around 15.000 DKK ($2.400) a year on clothes, shoes and accessories for their children. Using Boogiloo they will quickly save between 50% and 70%, thus giving the family an annually saving of around 6.600 DKK after the membership have been paid.

The model

The subscription membership model used by Boogiloo is used by other companies for other products such as wine ( and personal care (, but have never been utilised for children’s clothing. Children’s clothes was a natural next thing, but launching the concept is not simple. You need excellent marketing skills and a strong supplier network to ensure a good value proposition for your members, that is why we know Boogiloo will succeed. “Using Reepay for handling our members subscriptions, made it possible for us to focus on our products and launch quicker. Further more Reepay is experts in subscriptions business and helped us setting up our business”. Says Michael Handryciak, co-founder at Boogiloo. We welcome Boogiloo to the Reepay family and congratulate them on the successful launch of