Recurring Payments

Recurring payments guarantee continuous service and make your revenue more predictable, while you avoid spending time on the administrative part of the payment process.


Multiple subscription plans

At Reepay you can set multiple plans for recurring payments. Try variety of different billing cycles and/or different prices, providing the best options for your customers.

Fixed Recurring Model

The Fixed Recurring Model works if you have a subscription business that provides a product with a fixed price. The fixed recurring model usually charges on a recurring basis, typically at the beginning of the billing cycle. You simply have to enter the recurring price and billing cycle information. There are several benefits attached to this model

  • Constant revenue
  • Low cost-of-entry
  • Predictability for your customers
  • Price certainty

    One-Time Charge Model

    The One-Time Charge Model works for subscription businesses that has one-time products or services as part of their subscription plans. E-commerce- and digital-download businesses will typically use this model. The One-Time charge model includes the benefits

    • Makes it possible for your customers to try out products or services before they commit to a subscription
    • Allows the ability to test the demand of new products or services

    Metered Based Model

    The Metered Based Model is suitable if you have a subscription business that charges customers depending on the number of users. It is typically used by software selling services and provides the benefits

    • Predictable costs
    • Transparent billing

      Usage Based Model

      The Usage Based Model is used by subscription businesses where subscribers pay for only what they use. It's a model that’s highly adaptable to changes in the market. It's typically used by businesses such as financial- and insurance services, IT businesses and cloud-based services. It serves the benefits

      • Highly adaptable to market conditions
      • The price aligns to the value of the product
      • Less chance of churn

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