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Reepay integration in billwerk

Subscription Management and Payment Gateway from a Single Source

billwerk and Reepay set new standards with automated payment transaction processing

Frankfurt am Main, November 8, 2022. Choosing the right payment partner and payment methods are key success factors for any subscription business models – ideally, the payment transactions and details are not only easy to manage, but also directly linked to the business software. For this reason, billwerk has now made Reepay its central payment platform and fully integrated it into its platform. The overriding advantage: customers can work with just one contract and one contact person – eliminating the requirement of an extra contract and contact with an external payment service provider, Reepay has integrated various acquirers, among whom customers can select for their card acquirer and settlements.

It is a perfect match: while billwerk is the leading European technology provider for subscriptions management and recurring billing, Reepay offers European-wide cloud-based billing and payment solutions. Payments for end users are made possible via credit cards and Apple Pay.  SEPA Direct Debit, MobilePay Subscriptions and Vipps will shortly be available as well.

With the integration, billwerk and Reepay will now offer a complete solution for all company sizes from a single technology partner.  With the processing, operation and a quick overview of transactions, customers and invoices have become even easier. Reepay is able to handle complex setups and high transaction volumes, so subscription businesses can now be scaled and processed even better: from contract creation to renewals, upgrades and downgrades, as well as invoices, payments and outstanding receivables. 

billwerk’s subscription management solution is architected to integrate with a wide range of different ERP and CRM systems. As a payment gateway, Reepay is PCI DSS-compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and thus meets the global security standard for online payments by credit card. Reepay also provides additional advantages to merchants. Thanks to intelligent routing, acquirer costs can be minimized by using the most favorable among their selected acquirers. In addition, if an acquirer fails, the customer can quickly switch to another provider as needed.

About billwerk

billwerk was founded in 2015 by dr. Ricco Deutscher and his co-founders. billwerk provides a digital value chain for recurring business models with their subscription management platform, which is currently used by several hundred businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises across Germany, France and Switzerland. Their headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, combined with offices in Minsk, Belarus and Gdansk, employs around 75 people dedicated to constantly improve and shape the subscription business.

A benefit of the billwerk platform is the consistent automation of all processes and systems involved in subscriptions, aiming to accelerate and optimize recurring processes, reducing costs and to ensure and increase high quality standards, billwerk fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality and innovation, and the platform is integrated into the ecosystem of leading third-party providers. The billwerk platform corresponds with all European norms and standards, meeting the requirements for European data protection and financial accounting.

Together, Reepay and billwerk creates a scalable subscription management and payment product suitable for all sizes of businesses – designed to integrate with a wide range of payment services and also ERP and CRM systems, complying with European regulations. 

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