The Simplifier Model

Subscription Models – “The Simplifier Model”

Everyone wants to simplify their life. With this subscription model, the Simplifier Model, it becomes possible to take a product or service that you supply and establish a contract with your customers to provide that service or product on an ongoing basis. If your customers know that they need your service regularly, you can offer an establishment of a service contract to simplify their lives. Thus, they don’t need to remember to call or write you every time they need your service.  
Examples of businesses using the Simplifier Subscription Model
Using this model, you can set up a service contract on a predetermined schedule. This will be convenient as you will have a source of recurring revenue while your customer will be happy to have something checked off his/her ‘to-do’ list. Businesses using this model will usually manage the routine tasks from a homeowner’s ‘to-do’ list. This could be services as window or carpet cleaning, which will be executed on a regular basis depending on the subscription. There even exist businesses that will walk your dog or clean your house on a regular basis. In other words, implementing the Simplifier Model can make everything a little easier for your customers.  
Who should use this kind of subscription model?
This kind of subscription model should be considered by subscription businesses that…
  • provide a service that consumers need on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • have a customer group that is relatively affluent and busy – while having the resources to pay for a service they don’t have time to do themselves
  • provide personal and clearly defined services, such as pet-grooming, massages or tutoring
What to keep in mind when using this subscription model…
If you consider initiating this subscription model you could benefit from interviewing your target customer group to get to know their exact ‘to-do’ lists. Thus, you can take care of them in the best way possible. It’s vital that you provide your services on a scheduled basis – unless your customer demands something else of course. You could benefit from setting up a regular schedule so your customers won’t have to do it. They rely on you to execute the service, and it’s important not to forget their different schedules. There should be a balance in how many services you provide. You want your customers to know that the service you provide comes with a high amount of quality. That means you should be aware that your customers may need more services on a regular basis and you are already a trusted resource. In other words, you should consider initiating more services and getting a larger portfolio – while maintaining high-quality services. With fixed prices set for different services, your customers won’t have to deal with immediate variable payments.